1. Employment

You Need To Be Permanently Employed For 6 Months Or More.

2. Earnings

You have to earn atleast r3000.00 or more per month to be able to apply.

3. Pensioners or SASSA

Unfortionately we are unable to assist sassa grant recipients or sassa pensioners. Only government pension fund recipients at the age of 60 or under can apply.

4. Cut of age for applicants

The cut off age for all apllicants is 62 years old.

5. What you need to apply

You will need a clear colour copy of your id, if monthy; latest payslip, weekly; latest 4 payslips, fortnightly; latest 2 payslips and a stamped 3 months bank statement inside the bank showing your most recent wages for the last 3 months.

6. Overtime payer

If you are a monthly earner and gets overtime, insentive and commision every month it will improve your chances of qualifing for a higher amount if you send your last 3 payslips.

7. Terms and installments

Your tems and installment will only be determined once you have sent your application and a scoring has been done to check if you do qualify.